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IG Creative

IG Creative Sdn Bhd was formed in 2004, a Malaysia based company. We once commited to provide excellent interior design service,  furniture design & renovation work to create your office or houses.

At the end of 2015, IG Creative has changed their direction into cabinet manufacturing company. We are able to produce fully branded concept series including living room, bedroom even kitchen or dining furniture and installation work. We are one of the few who produce home furniture using melamine material unlike any other company whom produce only office furniture using melamine material.

IG Creative launched CROSSLINE in 2015, a flexible MIX and MATCH design for your lifestyle.

CROSSLINE has a wide choice of styles and sizes to help you get what is the best for your space. CROSSLINE offer you a series of furniture that able to match every items in terms of color & functionality to build up a consistency design to your living spaces. The melamine surface has the ability to resist scratch, cracking, dry heat at 70°C, anti staining and fully waterproof.

CROSSLINE turn a Home around from normal to unique with its strong conceptual skill. Let your inspiration and ideas take control in whichever way that suits a different taste and lifestyle.

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Let us inspire you to the home you always wanted!

TV lift cabinets customized to your decor and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Every piece of furniture follows the highest standards of furniture making. Only when we are sufficiently pleased with the quality of the finished product, then we proceed.

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IG Creative SDN.BHD. launched the Kocinas brand in 2010. We know that a kitchen is a heart of family. Choosing the ideal kitchen cabinets can be a mind-blowing experience.

Kocinas kitchen cabinets are available in a vast selection such as different material, shape, surfaces, as well as different quality and we have a great range with lots of designs so you can mix and match to get the look and layout you want.

A reliable kitchen asset and cabinet. Feel great in kitchen!

Your kitchen cabinets are the most powerful statement in your kitchen. Therefore, choosing custom kitchen cabinet is a decision you want to make with as much information as possible.
Gain inspiration from our completed cabinetry projects in many styles!



MIX AND MATCH. Play and decorate your home

IG is committed to provide with excellent interior design and decor & renovation work to create your house or office. Over the year, IG has successfully completed interior project in the Southern of Malaysia especially Melaka, Johor and Kuala Lumpur.

Our service are well appreciated for giving trendy, stylish, comfort and eye-catching appearance to the interiors of both residential and commercial.

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